2015 Guildhall Competition Results

Thanks to Carol, David and Dick for coming along tonight to help support Marlow at The Guildhall Competition. This is an annual competition between eight local clubs, organised by High Wycombe Photographic Society.  There were 48 prints, which were judged by Alan Taberer.

Scorers from Marlow were:

Pat Begley’s Rising Mist (15)
Rowena Wolton’s Nearly Ready (17)
Carol Burley’s Marbled White on Yellow Rattle (17)
Dick Fielding’s Grey Day in Galway (17)
Mike Jones’s Hills Hills and More Hills (17)
Andy Kirby’s Doctor’s Chair (17)

In the end Marlow scored 100 Points out of a possible 120, and competition was stiff with only 8 points between first and last place.

108 Amersham
106 Maidenhead
103 Wycombe
102 Harrow
102 Woodley
102 St Albans
100 Marlow

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