Santa Pod – Main Event

On Sunday 29th May I am running a trip to the Santa Pod Raceway “Main Event”. This is the annual championship day and it is one of the most exciting drag racing days of the calendar. It is great fun. You can get into the pits and there are lots of different events and activities. The whole thing is a photographers paradise!

You can get all the details for the event on the following web page:
Santa Pod – Main Event

The dramatic photographic opportunities offer great practice at lots of different sorts of activities and techniques. I love the actual races, great for the practice of ‘panning’ and planned shots. Kids Under 16 FREE (max 3 per adult). Action all day and there are many things to see and do all day in addition to the racing.

Grandstand tickets are only £8 or £12 extra – really worth it or there are great views of the entire race track from the ‘bank’. The grandstand is brilliant for the starts where a lot of action happens and the best photo action is.

If you have ear defenders bring them – or you can buy them there for about £5(last year).

I will provide you with some tips and tricks during the day. If lots of people go we can have a masterclass for catching the action. It will be great fun and great practice.

I will need to know in advance if anyone wants to go so we can make arrangements for travel and meeting there. I have one more place in my car if anyone wants a lift. Contact me directly please.

You will be able to get in on the day without pre-booking.

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  1. Thanks Damon, for arranging the days visit to Santa Pod, what an exceptional day! what an introduction to motor speed! definitely for me a Baptism of Noise and Fire.
    The fastest recorded speed on Sunday was 327 mph, ever the quest from these riders/drivers to go faster. Man versus Machine, and what incredible machines they are.

    As you would expect, with such an event very much a fantastic photographers paradise. I am not disappointed (self praise, no praise) with my first attempt at photographing high speed objects.
    If you have never been to such an event and you like to see what seems to be the impossible, don’t delay, Santa Pod is for you.
    EAR MUFFS, NOISE REDUCERS, call them what you will, which can be purchased on site for around £5,well worth the small price.

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