A Couple of Thoughts

I have just been sufing the net, and just thought I would mention of couple of things in relation to memory cards.

1. How many cards do you have?
More than one – 3 or 4, where do you keep them. I have several card wallets, which are designed to store 2 or 4 cards. Good Idea? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Having been in The Lakes for a few days, I had filled one card and needed a second, I went into my back to find the wallet – Not there. Had it fallen out earlier that day when I changed a lens?

Not that much of a problem, just spend some time deleting some of the images you don’t want and switch to jpg to shoot more.

Imagine though having gone on holiday or a trip of a lifetime, shot a couple of cards and put them in a wallet, and then lost the wallet – All your images lost.

I would suggest that if you do go on a trip of a lifetime that you back your images up, so that you have two copies. There are several methods of creating backups, from carrying a laptop and seperate hard drives, to devices do not need a computer.

So when you have created your backup on one of these devices, do you just stick it in your camera bag?

Probably best not to in case your bag is stolen or lost.

2. The other thought is
How many of you just delete the images from your card? Or do you format it?

This may be more personal preference, but I format my cards. Without going into it in depth, by deleting all the images leaves bits behind, meaning that any new images may be written to the card in seperate block, thus slowing the card down, and also the bits left over fill the card up. I have also been informed that formating will identify bad sectors on the card.

The one thing I am sure about is, format the card in the camera that you are going to use it in. DON’T do it from the computer – it is possible to select the wrong formatting option and then the card will not work in the camera.


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