A Once in 20 year Photo Oppurtunity

Tonight the Moon rises within 20 minutes (Marlow) of it being full and it is at perigee, and will be 14% larger and 30% brighter than lesser full moons.
As we have all witnessed, the full moon always appears larger when it rises so tonight could be an oppurtunity. All that is needed is to know where and when the moon will rise and then find an object for foreground interest.

To help with this you could use The Photgraphers ephemeris

To help – Moonrise is at 6.25 pm and sunset is at 6.13pm. Full Moon is at 6.10pm.

As a guide a full moon requires an exposure of 1/60th at f16 at 100 ISO but it would be best to bracket your exposure.



A Once in 20 year Photo Oppurtunity — 2 Comments

  1. Just thought I would add to the above entry.
    I chose my location, such that it would include Marlow Bridge and the rowing club.

    I set up in good time and waited, and waited.

    As the moon rose in the direction of Winter Hill, it was blocked by the hill and didn’t rise for some half hour after the time I gave. This meant that the Bridge was in complete darkness – result was that I did not get the shot I was after (probably didn’t get any, but I haven’t looked yet).

  2. I saw this event in Cornwall, where I have been on holiday. It was amazing. The only downside about it was that I couldn’t master my camera’s controls well enough to get viewable photos…


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