ADORNMENT comp, Tuesday, 28 February

This Tuesday saw the return of Micki Aston, an old friend of MCC, who was the judge for this competition. She brought to bear her usual characteristic ebullience and humour. In future, whenever I see Madonna I shall always wonder what ravages lie beneath her gloves… ! This is the second comp I’ve entered where Micki has been the judge, and I have learnt that she doesn’t go in for quirky photo-manipulation, but does like mono! So do I, and I’m sorry I didn’t enter such an image.

Micki made some very incisive comments during the evening and I learnt a great deal from these. She also recognised the brilliance of Nicholl Williams and aided his trajectory towards the Advanced section! The whole evening was very enlightening.

I think we all enjoyed the session, and gained much from it. Micki, if you read this, I shall be ready for you next season, although I can’t promise a B&W image!


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