An evening with Pat Begley

When the advertised programme for Tuesday 11th Feb was cancelled, Pat Begley, one of our ‘advanced’ members, stepped into the breach.

In the first half Pat, an expert photographer and retired teacher, gave a very clear account on how to cut and mount prints to competition standard. She introduced the topic by showing us what constituted a mediocre mounted print, and then what professional ones looked like. Pat explained in detail about how correct measurements, choice of mount-board colour, and bevelled  edges can enhance a print. She also demonstrated a few tricks of the trade!

Three different mount cutters were available for the demonstrations, and members were free to have a go for themselves.

After the break, the subject was monochrome. This time Pat focused on the elements that go to make good monochrome images. Texture, contrast, linearity, and shadows were some key features she mentioned, then showed on screen the types of subject matter we should consider. Pat had also brought along some monochrome prints for us to compare. She made the point that not all images are suitable for monochrome conversion.

Prior to the evening Pat had asked us to bring along our laptops, so in the second half several of us set up our machines and called up our editing software. This was a masterful stroke on Pat’s part. As she demonstrated on the big screen how to, say, de-saturate, give some colours more emphasis, isolate a coloured part of an image and turn the rest into B&W, we were able to follow her every move and copy what she did.

Pat welcomed interruptions and questions. She gave very clear answers, and went to pains to translate PhotoShop instructions into other editing software equivalents.

With the demonstrations and hands-on editing session, Pat gave us a truly practical evening. She showed the value of working together with our computers under instruction.

I very much look forward to more evenings like this, Pat.  Thank you very much.


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