An ‘Owling Success…

I think everyone present enjoyed last night’s spectacular visit from Sadie and her amazing performing owls. For some of us this wasn’t our first encounter with Feathers and Fur, so we knew something of what we were in for. However, I don’t think we were prepared for quite such an impressive evening.

Sadie brought along four owls: tawny, barn, great grey, and young European eagle. She is no stranger to photographers, so knew how to pose the birds to best advantage so everyone had the chance of getting good shots. Calm, friendly, and very keen to impart her love of these beautiful creatures, Sadie told us about the individual birds, gently showed the feather structure of the wings, explained the mechanism of their eyes, and that these birds were not as wise as legend would have it!

A bonus was George the giant rabbit! He was magnificent. Sadie treated him with the same gentle care as she gave the birds. These animals are truly lucky to be looked after by her.

Do take a look at Feathers and Fur website. It is quite an exciting experience, and there are lots of events and photo opportunities to be had. I already have my eye on the gift vouchers. I know what I’m giving my prospective son-in-law for his birthday.

Graham Slough is liaising with Sadie on dates for a photoshoot for the Camera Club. When we have more details, we will let you know so that you can sign up to another great experience behind Ladd’s Garden Centre.

While I’m on the subject of last night, I’d like to thank all of you for coming along and making this a great evening, and for all the help given in preparation for the event, specifically Damon, Ray, Nigel, Dick, and Margaret.



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