Ancient Egypt – 23rd November 2010

We were treated to an in-depth study of Ancient Egypt by this week’s
speaker – Keith Adams. Keith is a very experienced photographer, who until
recently, ran his own photographic agency. Keith was heavily involved in
the publication of a book on the subject of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs by Jo
Forty and Keith’s photographic agency supplied around 50% of the total
images in the book. Keith is from Ealing Camera Club where they seem to
have wealth of circuit speakers and judges. Maybe, one day, MCC will be
able to boast the same credentials!
Keith covered the topic with much enthusiasm, showing a wealth of
photographs taken over many years from inside and outside of pyramids sites
that most of us were unaware. The talk covered everything, it seemed, going
back beyond 3000 BC. There were shots taken of museum items and from parts
of tombs that today are inaccessible. I couldn’t help feeling that it must
be difficult to combine one’s technical/factual knowledge of a subject with
a natural photographic ability. It’s one thing taking photographs of all
these ancient and priceless treasures but presenting the background to the
images on screen requires true dedication to the subject. Of course, there
were many dates, unusual names of people and places so it was no surprise to
me that Keith referred to his notes to ensure that we were given precise
information. Some of these names did not trip off the tongue easily.
Overall, I felt Keith covered a very complex period of history with great
enthusiasm supported by award winning photography.

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