Annual PDI Competition – 3rd May 2011

Judge Roger McCallum was feeling in a good mood last night when he awarded
20 points to a total of 13 images in this competition. First up was the
Novice class, which was hotly contested with four of our Members getting
maximum points (Graham Slough, Dick Fielding, Ben Tassi and Nichol
Williams). Although Nichol Williams scored maximum points on two of his
entries, Graham Slough was deemed the overall winner of the Novice class
with “A Golden Moment”. Next up was the Intermediate class, Paul Vine and
Tony Ketley both scoring maximum points on two of their entries with Paul
being selected as the winner with “The rower and the cyclist”. Finally, the
Advanced class had their images assessed by Roger McCallum and it was Tim
Luckett who won against strong competition from Steven Galvin and Shirley
Arnold (with 2 of her images scoring 20 points). Tim’s winning entry was
“Marlow Thames December 2010”. Roger did comment afterwards that he thought
the overall standard of photography was excellent.


Annual PDI Competition – 3rd May 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. I have loaded the results from this competition.

    The current standings have also been updated and members levels for next season have been added.

    Please check your results for errors (including Totals) and if there are any errors please contact Tony or myself.

  2. Another great competition evening, and the last of the season. As I looked at each PDI,I felt a great sense of satisfaction at being a member of this club, and surrounded by so much talent. There were many superb shots that I lust after taking myself, but know I never will; however, from viewing these images I get encouragement to try. I was extremely pleased that we were given such good scores by Roger McCallum, especially as I got the feeling he was a tough judge to please.
    Nichol Williams’ superb butterfly shots were breathtaking, and I marvel at the way he brings out such detail, but manages to make the background recede so there is no distraction.
    Tony’s photos were excellent as usual (did he edit out a couple of swans?),as were Shirley’s and, in fact, everyone elses.
    My particular favourite was Linden Porter’s Mother and Child. Those faces, like dark brown suede.
    I think I shall need the summer break to try and put into practice all I’ve learned from everyone.

    Mary Ellis

  3. It has been pointed out that some of the scores had not been calculated correctly, so I have had another go. The qualifying score to progress to the next group does not include the Annual Competitions. The AV results are not included in any of the Totals.
    Again, Please check the scores and let me or Tony know if you think they are incorrect.

  4. Tony has loaded the images from the competition onto the website.
    Some of the entries were incorrectly titled, mainly using uppercase JPG rather than the lowercase jpg. One also had the incorrect name of the author.

    I have been trhough the titles and corrected the errors. These errors will cause the link from the results sheets to that image NOT to work.

    If you find a link that does not work please make a comment.

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