Annual Print Competition

Tuesday was the Annual Print Competition, because of a disappointing entry
of only 48 prints, our judge, Stan McCartin was able to spend more time on
each print, and give advice on how each one might be improved. I know that
several members thought he should be asked back to judge again, which is
always a good sign.

To me, to produce the print is the ultimate aim of a photographer. The
advantage over a PDI is that the author of the image had more control when
it is displayed, and can check for colour balance etc at home, before the

Congratulations to all those that did well, and those that didn’t do so
well, don’t give up.

I will be loading the results on to the web over the weekend.

Thanks to Tony, Pippa and Pat for organising the evening and thanks to Stan.


Annual Print Competition — 2 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed last night’s competition, especially the performance of the judge. Stan McCartin had got it right; his method of judging gave important feedback, and lots of encouragement, with deference to competitors’ fragile sensibilities. I very much hope that he is asked back.
    This was my first experience of entering a print competition, and I found it a very different kettle of fish from the PDI. Often what looked good as a PDI didn’t work so well when staring out from a mount. I decided to enter three recent and unshown images. Forty minutes before the judging was due to start, with masking tape and double-sided adorning my hair and other parts, I began to wonder about my wisdom of entering at all! I’m glad I did, and I have added further to my knowledge.

    Mary Ellis

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