April Fools Day!

No one was left looking silly at our last meeting. The Natural World competition brought out some really great images; one of which will earn it’s author the Campbell Cup.

Barbara Lydiatt was, as ever, a knowledgable and insightful judge. She clearly relished what she saw and gave us clear critiques of the images and advice on improving any perceived faults before scoring them. Quite a few 20’s were awarded and her final choice between about 10 prints ¬†and pdi’s must have been a hard one.



April Fools Day! — 1 Comment

  1. I have loaded the results onto the website.

    There are 12 images (about a third) that the links from the results do not work.

    This is because the authors have NOT complied with the entry guidelines with the naming of their images.

    The main problem once again is the use of .JPG rather than .jpg (note the case) probably caused by the editing programme adding the extension automatically.

    The other problem is a repeat of the .jpg as in .jpg.JPG probably caused by the author adding .jpg and then the editing program adding .JPG


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