AV Competition and Making Cards

Last night we had the AV competition, and while we only had a few entries before the night, others turned up at the beginning of the evening.
I think they were all enjoyed and well done for those that had a go, as I know from past experience that even the simplest ones can take some time and effort to produce, especially if new software has to be learnt (grappled) with.

Having the late entries meant that I had to rush through the card making, and I feel that I may have lost some of you so I have made the notes available on the website (below)

I didn’t mention that I don’t actually use Photoshop for my card layouts, but I think that Photoshop or similar is the most popular program in the club.

I have made an entry on the forum for making cards and there are 2 templates available. I will list where I get my supplies from on there later, as I need some paper.


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