Battle of the Towns – 22nd February 2011

There is no doubt, based on the photographic evidence, that those of us who live in the Henley and Marlow areas are truly blessed to have such wonderful countryside on our doorsteps. In this evening’s “Battle” with Henley both Clubs submitted 20 images each with shots taken of the other’s town and countryside. The evening was hosted by Henley Photographic Club. Thus, for Marlow Camera Club it was fascinating to see what photographs Henley Photographic Club captured in Marlow – and vice versa. There was no judge present to score the images, just a full house representing both Clubs who listened as each author explained what they set out to achieve when taking their particular photograph. Of course, the audience were only too willing to add their comments which drew some interesting observation and many witty responses! It is always a delight to share an evening with Henley Photographic Club and this evening did not break that tradition. Over 30 of us attended from Marlow, including our President – Joe Green, and we received great warmth from our friends at Henley. This was the second time the Clubs have met this year and we are looking forward to our third visit on 22nd March when they again act as hosts to the 3-way Digital AV Competition where we will be joined by North Hampshire Photographic Society.


Battle of the Towns – 22nd February 2011 — 1 Comment

  1. I very much enjoyed the evening at Henley PC. It was a good-humoured and friendly experience. I learnt a lot about my town from HPC members’ photos, and marvelled at some of their ingenious takes on Marlow. My particular favourite was Marlow High St reflected in the brass plate of the University Outfitters. I shall be off to explore this and also the lovely carvings at St Peter’s Church.

    I was also taken by our own members’ submissions, and I certainly want to investigate Henley further. Maybe I should start preparing in the event of a rematch next year?


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