‘BIG BOYS’ PRINTS’ by Phil Binks

We had a very entertaining evening last night with Phil Binks.  Phil brought along a selection of his prints, he has photographed or scanned over the past few years. Being a colour management expert, he was able to give us several tips on how to manage the setting up of profiles for our printers, to get the best colour print from them and show us how  colours changed under Tungsten lighting, especially some of the black and white prints.  He also explained about the different media type photo papers we might experiment with.

The images he showed were very imaginative and creative.  Some, had been just scanned and played around with in Lightroom, very effective.  Others were panels of photos, especially of the Jazz Festival in Ealing, where Steve lives.  Portraits with white backgrounds, a series of flowers, which had been shot outside, through a light box, hence the background was white.  I think my favourites were the set of Crab Spiders shown in different habitats, with their chameleon like change of colours, to suit the environment they found themselves in.  Quite amazing.  You learn something every day!

Phil had also printed his own borders around the images, instead of cutting an aperture in the mount, for the photo.  He took a colour from the background or part of the image and used this to blend sympathetically to form the colour, for the wide border.

I certainly took a lot away from the evening and feel more inclined to experiment with my printing.  Needless to say I had a go tonight and my printer has now died on me!!



‘BIG BOYS’ PRINTS’ by Phil Binks — 1 Comment

  1. This was a very good evening indeed. I congratulate the person who signed up Phil Binks!

    Phil’s style of presentation was very easy, and immediately there was a rapport between audience and presenter. His enthusiasm, vibrancy, and good humour kept our attention as he showed his prints, explained how he had created them, and gave tips on how to achieve similar results (whether we will or not remains to be seen…). His explanations were clear, and he took away any fear of having a go oneself.

    I personally learnt so much from this evening. As Phil said, he has years of experience but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve results similar to his. I throw down a challenge: let’s have a go ourselves!


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