Block Mounting and Card Making.

Last night we had a very interesting talk and demonstration about card making and block mounting, by Ray. Thank you Ray for taking so much time and effort to produce the blocks and all the other equipment provided.

Those members who had brought a print were all able to make a block mount after being shown step by step, the procedure. The blocks had all been cut to size and sanded down by Ray, beforehand. This made the whole process much easier, as that stage of the process, is probably the most difficult. We blacked in the edges, the back of the mount and then with double sided sticky back paper were able to fix our prints.

We were all delighted with the results and many members bought extra blocks to take home to make as Christmas presents. On sale were small easels to show off the mounts.

We also had a go at making cards, Mary had a production line going on her computer and printer. Ray has produced an Action for Photoshop which will be on the MCC Website. This makes the production process easier to follow.

A very sociable evening with people participating and enjoying learning something new and different.


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  1. This was a brilliant evening! I had seen Ray’s block images back in the summer at the G&D, when Margaret mentioned to him the idea of having an evening on this topic. This time, though, Ray had far more of his work on display and there were some fantastic landscape/postbox images, as well as mini pics mounted on easels. I think I would have enjoyed the evening just looking at all these.

    I very much liked Ray’s approach to showing how to block mount the prints, which he did via live transmission from his camera (is that the right terminology?) onto the big screen. Everyone could all see what he was doing.

    But the best came when we could all roll up our sleeves and get hands-on experience. There were so many animated faces as blocks were blacked with felt-tip pens, then prints were carefully attached with double-sided tape and trimmed. I think most of us left that evening clutching several pre-cut blocks to create our own works of art at home.

    My efforts with making cards didn’t come up to Ray’s spec, but several members seemed happy with my extremely basic offerings.

    A very big thank you to Ray for such an exhilarating evening, for giving up his time, for providing his expertise and materials, and for doing this after he had come back from an exhausting time with the Cubs.

    I mustn’t leave Margaret out. She deserves a big round of applause for thinking of this presentation, and for making it happen. Thank you Margaret.

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