British Wildlife Centre Visit

Another fantastic photo shoot day organised by Dick Fielding, a small number of club members turned up with, as always cameras at the ready to see British Wildlife animals that whilst we believe are common to our countryside, we seldom get to see really close up, let alone photograph. Polecats, Red Foxes, Badgers, Owls, Deer, very friendly Red Squirrels, just to name a small selection of the many kind of animals that live there.
This centre was once a dairy farm during the nineties, saw it converted to a wildlife park, which certainly attracts many visitors a year.
A big thank you to Dick, for introducing this venue, which for most of us, simply un-aware it existed.


British Wildlife Centre Visit — 2 Comments

  1. Many thanks to Dick for organising this event. Great day with lots of photo opportunities……keepers feeding animals and giving talks every half hour kept us busy all day.

  2. Yes, thank you Dick for introducing us to the British Wildlife Centre. I had no idea it even existed, so was pleasantly surprised to see so many animals at close quarters.
    My favourite were the badgers. I did manage to get a few shots that were clear, but not easy!
    We were really lucky with the weather and a good day out was had by us all.

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