Butterflies and Big Cats

I am trying to get a group of interested photographers together for a day out on Friday 10th May. This will be to visit ‘Butterfly World’ at St. Albans AL2 3NY. Here they currently have one large greenhouse full of various butterflies in a convenient to photograph situation. The park opens at 10.00am and I would hope to get there promptly as space to move about the greenhouse is limited and your cameras will also need a little time to demist because of the humidity. Entrance fee is £5. There is a restaurant as well as other attractions such as leaf-cutter ants and attractive themed gardens.
After spending a couple of hours here I was then planning on moving on to the ‘Paradise Wildlife Park’ EN10 7QA about half an hour further around the M25. This attractive zoo is well known for the variety of big cat species and has a number of raised walkways and viewing areas enabling you, with a bit of patience, to get some fence-free shots of the animals. All of the usual zoo facilities are available. Entrance fee is £16 for adults or £13 for really old adults!
Both of these attractions have websites with further details; www.butterflyworldproject.com and www.pwpark.com
I would anticipate leaving Dean St car park around 08.45hrs and returning by about 19.00hrs.
If anybody is interested in coming along please contact me and let me know. Also if any of you are able to be a driver and to take passengers that would be greatly appreciated.

Dick Fielding.


Butterflies and Big Cats — 4 Comments

  1. A lovely idea but I will be going away. If you repeat the visit at a later date I would be very interested. Enjoy the day

  2. Dear all,
    A number of people have told me that they would like to come to the above event but are unable to make the above date. I have therefore decided to cancel the visit on Friday 10th May and to try instead for Saturday 1st June. Times of travel remain the same. It will be slightly more expensive on a Saturday but only by a few pounds…

  3. Please add my name for photo shoot Saturday 1st June, looks to be a fun day out.
    I will be taking my car and have room for three passengers.

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