Card Making and Block Mounting – what to bring -30th October

A card is not just for Christmas
Homemade Cards
I will show how to create a layout for 2 cards, both landscape and portrait, on an A4 sheet using Photoshop.

I have also created a template for the cards, and will explain how to use it, together with a Photoshop Action to reduce the time it takes for you to create your cards.

Please bring an image on a usb stick as there will be laptops and a printer for you to practice on.

Block Mounting

Photos mounted onto MDF

Photos mounted onto MDF

I will also demonstrate mounting prints onto blocks (MDF) and how the method can be used to create coasters. The club is providing some blocks for you to practice on during the meeting.

The blocks measure 96mm x 149mm. Please bring a print that you would like to block mount, ideally the print needs to be 100mm x 155mm. The print also needs to have dried properly to help avoid damaging the surface.

I will have some blocks that can be purchased and I have also bought some mini-easels which will be for sale.


Card Making and Block Mounting – what to bring -30th October — 1 Comment

  1. I was asked tonight where I bought my canvas. For block mounting I use a polyester canvas, rather than a cotton canvas.

    I have found that the cotton canvas may shrink and when cut may leave threads – I will bring examples of both next week.

    Some canvases do not come with the settings for the printer, so it maybe worthwhile asking before buying. Unless you can profile the canvas yourself.

    Assuming most club members may have an A3 printer, here is one link to a 12 inch roll of


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