Club Portraiture Session

Last night we had a practical portrait evening, with Damon leading the session.  There were three work stations set up with lighting.  Ray, Andrew and Damon each manned one of these.  We were focusing on simple ways to change the light and how to use more than one light on our models. Most of the stations had at least three lights and the use of reflectors showed us how we could soften the light on the model’s face.   By moving the model forward making the background go out of focus, positioning the light in other areas we were able to see how this produced different shadows, lighting up the face and parts of the body.  We were helped to set our cameras in Manual and played around with the balance of settings between the Speed, ISO and Depth of Field.  At home most of us probably don’t have studio lights or expensive equipment, but the evening gave us ideas and know-how on achieving these results using articles from around the house and therefore being able to produce images without a lot of expense.  As Damon said he hoped the evening had shown that we were able to make a photograph rather than take one.

A very big thank you should go to Damon, Ray and Andrew for giving up their time, bringing equipment, setting it all up and then helping members to achieve a goal from it all.  Without their efforts to help members understand their cameras and work with the lights last night, we would not be gaining the experience, we so badly require.  It was a sociable, fun evening.  From my perspective I was able to take away ideas to have a go at home, even if I still refuse to have a tripod.  Maybe one day Damon!



Club Portraiture Session — 4 Comments

  1. I would like to add my thanks to Damon,Ray and Andrew for what must be a time consuming effort in the preparation of such evenings and the logistical nightmare of getting everything in place. Also we all benefit from the generous loan of their expensive equipment. Many thanks. Angela

  2. Hi,
    thank you very much for your very complementary comments. It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed the session. People worked hard to learn as much as they could and the work they did was both good quality and showed some fun results. Well done everyone and thanks to Ray and Andy who did some wonderful work with the members.
    Damon Guy

  3. I also greatly enjoyed this evening. I was not feeling at my best so I acted as a model, which was a new experience altogether! I did use my camera although I struggled.

    Damon masterminded the evening, complemented by Ray and Andy. All three were brilliant and created three very professional set-ups. I found watching how the equipment was arranged and moved to create different effects fascinating, so I gained a lot from this alone.

    The evening was nearly at an end when suddenly more than my camera shutter clicked… Andy patiently and enthusiastically helped me and I’ve actually got 50 images which I’m very pleased with!

    Thank you Damon for organising the evening, for your knowledge, hard work, and enthusiasm. Thank you Ray and Andy for all the equally hard work that you put in. It was an invaluable evening which I much appreciated.

    Whilst I am writing, thank you to those members who helped with setting up the ‘studios’, and packing up at the end of the evening.

    What have you got in store for us next, Damon?


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