Club Rules


May 2015

The Club shall be called “Marlow Camera Club”.
i.          The objects of the Club shall be to promote the study and practice of photography to the mutual benefit of the Members and to exhibit their work
ii.        Meetings, lectures and exhibitions shall be held at the Club rooms and other places as decided by the elected Committee.
i.          Members shall undertake to abide by these Rules, and such amendments and additions to these Rules as shall be approved by a properly constituted General Meeting.
ii.        The Club, through the Committee, reserve the right to reject without explanation any application for membership.
iii.      The Club, through the Committee, reserve the right to cancel the membership of any member who, in the opinion of the Committee, is creating an undesirable influence or has committed such acts or said such things that are contrary to the good name of the Club or any of its members. The Member shall have the right to appeal through the calling of an Extraordinary General Meeting and, if it is the wish of the majority, the Committee’s decision revoked.
i.          The annual adult subscription shall be determined by the Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting. An adult Member in full-time education on paying the subscription will be entitled to pay half subscription. A Junior Member under the age of 18 in full-time education on paying the subscription shall be entitled to free membership.
ii.        Subscriptions shall be due on the first meeting of the season.
iii.      New Members may attend two meetings without a charge, after which their backdated subscriptions shall be due.
iv.     A new member joining not earlier than January 1st shall pay a pro rata amount of the appropriate Annual Subscription, at the discretion of the Treasurer.
v.       A guest invited by a member is required to pay a charge per evening determined by the Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting. If he/she subsequently becomes a member his/her subscription for that season will be appropriately discounted.
i.          A Committee, composed of nine Club Members elected by the Annual General Meeting, shall control the Club.
ii.        The Committee shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Competition Secretary, Assistant Competition Secretary, Workshop Co-ordinator, Treasurer and Publicity Secretary.
iii.      The Committee may co-opt other members to serve the Club in any function as thought desirable by the Committee for the benefit of the Members.
iv.     The Vice-Chairman, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Competition Secretary and Workshop Co-ordinator shall be responsible for the following season’s Club Programme which shall be compiled for the approval of the Committee.
v.       The Club may appoint an Honorary President.
vi.     The Committee may place before a General Meeting of the Club a motion to appoint a specific member as Honorary President of the Club, or to remove the incumbent Honorary President from that office.
vii.   The Committee will provide reasons for its proposal and the motion will succeed if voted by two thirds of the members present at the General Meeting.
viii. The Committee shall develop and maintain policies for the general protection of members, visitors where appropriate, and the “Committee” that comply with the law in general and are consistent with the guidance from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.
i.          The Committee shall be elected in the following way to give continuity:
Each year the Vice-Chairman, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Competition Secretary shall be elected to serve for one year and to become automatically the Chairman, Secretary and Competition Secretary for the following year.
Each year the Treasurer, Publicity Secretary and Workshop Co-ordinator shall be elected to serve for one year.
ii.        Retiring Committee Members may be nominated for re-election at the end of their term of office or earlier if nominated for a named position. Each member shall serve for the period specified in 6.i.
iii.      The Committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chairman.
iv.     The Committee shall manage the business of the Club and shall act as Trustees of the Club’s equipment and assets.
Nominations shall be in writing and handed to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting. They shall have a proposer and a seconder and shall have the written consent of the nominee.
i.          One third of voting members in General Meetings and one half of the Committee Members in Committee Meetings shall constitute a quorum.
ii.        Only paid-up Members shall be allowed to vote at General Meetings. At General Meetings and Committee Meetings, unless otherwise stated in these rules, a vote will be passed by simple majority of the votes cast, with the Chairman having a casting vote.
i.          The Treasurer shall maintain a correct record of all incomes, expenditure and assets.
ii.        Expenditure must have the prior approval of the Committee. All cheques shall be signed by any two of the three signatories nominated by the Committee.
iii.      A Scrutineer, who is not a member of the Committee, shall be appointed by the Members to confirm the Annual Financial Accounts and shall have access to all books and accounts of the Club. The scrutineer shall sign the Accounts as being correct if so found.
i.          A Special General Meeting may be called by the Secretary for which seven days notice shall be given.
ii.        A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary on receipt of a request signed by not less than ten paid-up members stating the reason for such a meeting.

i.          Competitions
a.        There shall be two categories of internal competition, namely
i.              Prints
ii.              Projected Digital Images (PDIs).
b.       There shall be three levels of internal competition, namely
i.              Novice
ii.              Intermediate
iii.              Advanced.
c.        There shall be two types of internal competition, namely

i.              Ordinary

ii.              Annual.

ii.        Entering competitions
a.        Entry to competitions is open only to paid-up Members.
b.       At least two weeks before each competition the Competition Secretary will post on the Competitions page of the website the latest times for members to:
i.              Submit their entries for each projected digital image competition
ii.              Submit descriptions of their entries for each print
iii.              Deliver their entries for each print competition.
c.        Members are limited to three entries in each category in each internal competition.  Entries must be titled, or described for identification purposes. Any title submitted will be read out or displayed in competition.
d.       Entries must be identified so that the third and second entries can be eliminated, in the event that it is necessary (at the discretion of the Competition Secretary) to reduce the total number of entries at any one or all levels.
e.        The member, using a camera, must have originated all images or parts of composite images entered into a Competition.
f.         The size limits of the image in print competitions shall be:
i.              Minimum – 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm or 218.75 cm2
ii.              Maximum – 50 cm x 40 cm or 2000 cm2
g.       Prints must be mounted in a format determined by the Committee. The maximum size of 50 cm x 40 cm or 2000 cm2 shall apply to mounts at all levels. The member’s name and title or description must be clearly shown at the top of the reverse side of the mount. Members’ names are not permitted on the front of the print.
h.       Projected digital images at all levels must be in a format and within a maximum file size determined by the Committee. They must be submitted in the manner and via the media specified from time to time by the Competition Secretary.
iii.      Types of Competition and Club Awards
a.        There will be Ordinary Competitions for both categories throughout the season and an Annual Competition for each category towards the end of the season.
b.       No print or projected digital image that has been entered in an Ordinary Competition may be entered in any subsequent Ordinary Competition.
c.        No image or part of an image used in one category may be used in another except in the Annual Competitions.
d.       Each season the club will award Shields, Trophies and Certificates in accordance with the published schedule.
e.        In all internal competitions at all levels judges will be asked to mark each entry out of 20, with an additional mark out of 20 in portfolio competitions for the match of the images.
f.         All points scored in Ordinary and Annual competitions will count towards Club Awards as described in the schedule.
iv.     Levels and promotion
a.        The level at which each member is graded shall apply to both categories. New Members will be asked on joining the Club to grade themselves, in consultation with the Competition Secretary, into the Novice, Intermediate or Advanced Level.
b.       In Ordinary competitions all images scoring 17 or more will count towards the accumulated total number of points gained in both categories required for promotion from one level to the next.
c.        Members will be promoted on reaching:
i.              200 points at Novice Level for promotion to Intermediate Level
ii.              400 points at Intermediate Level for promotion to Advanced Level.
d.       Promotion will be automatic and will become effective with immediate effect or at the start of the subsequent season. There will be no time limit for the gaining of the totals required for promotion.
v.       Publication and Copyright
a.        Each Member submitting a photograph for competition is automatically giving permission for the Club to use this photograph for the purposes of the Club in fulfilling its objectives and obligations to the Membership. This will include publication in low resolution on the Club’s website.
b.       The Member will retain all copyright on any photograph submitted for competition and full commercial rights over the use of the photograph beyond the above stated publishing and promotional use by the Club.

Each member may submit up to six prints or PDIs for selection against other clubs. Entries shall be submitted to the Competition Secretary two weeks in advance of the competition if so requested. The club entry shall be selected from the total of these prints, transparencies or PDIs by three members nominated by the committee. The number of images selected will depend on the rules of the competition. All work must be correctly presented.


In the event of the Club ceasing to function, and its affairs being wound up and all liabilities discharged, a Special General Meeting must be arranged to dispose of any surplus funds or equipment.
The Club does not hold itself liable for any property lost on its premises, or for any injury sustained by Members or Visitors during the course of meetings or other activities organized by the Club.
The Committee shall not institute any new rules, or otherwise amend or rescind, without the approval of a General Meeting.

Agreed at the AGM on 19 May 2015