Cold weather photography

I am on the platform at Maidenhead Station in the cold and thought I would give some advice about photography in cold weather, especially as there are a few outdoor events in the next week.

1. Keep yourself warm – it is no fun when your hands and feet start to get cold.

2. If you have a spare battery for your camera keep it in an inside pocket to keep it warm. (I have never had a problem with the cold affecting a battery, but I know that it can)

3. Put the used battery in an inside pocket. You may just get some extra use out of it if need be.

4. When returning into the warm be wary of condensation forming on the lenses and camera. The best way to avoid this is to place the camera in a sealable plastic bag, but if that is not possible it may be best to leave it in the bag sealed and allow it to reach room temperature. It is the warm air with the moisture in it coming into contact with the cold camera, so if the camera does not come into contact with the warm air you shouldn’t get condensation.

5. If you do get condensation, I advise you to turn the camera off and allow it to warm up and then wipe the condensation off. I would not open the battery or card slot, or remove the lens until the camera has reached room temperature, as this will allow the damp into the camera.

If the camera is damp before you return indoors, do not put it into a bag, just wipe it down and allow it to warm up.

    You should place the camera in the bag, before getting into the warm

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