Competition – People & Portraits (1st March)

Another excellent turnout saw some great shots in this Club competition. Our Judge, Micki Aston, was extremely complimentary about the standard of photography shown in the Novice’s Class which had the highest number of entries. Micki tends to favour mono images when presenting portraits – “The images look more classy”. She was also critical of the use of coloured mounts for prints and penalised several authors for doing so. On the plus side, she gave lots of very positive feedback which included many photographic tips. Maximum points were awarded to four PDI images of the Novices – two of which were Brian White’s. It was good to see Angela Whitman get her first 20 for a print. Results in more detail can be seen elsewhere on this website. Many thanks to Pippa and Sarah who made sure the organisation of the evening ran smoothly.


Competition – People & Portraits (1st March) — 2 Comments

  1. This was a very good and informative evening, and again I learnt a lot. I thought Micki Aston was a good judge as she not only pointed out failings, she also explained her reasons for docking points – although I didn’t always agree with her! I will certainly remember her warnings about coloured print mounts…


  2. I have loaded the photos and the results onto the website.
    The running totals have also been updated.
    Again I ask you to let me know if there are any errors in either the scores or the running totals.



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