Converting to Black and White

Don’t be confused about converting to Black and White (B&W) after the latest newsletter.  Ray has pointed out that  Photoshop is different to my description. That may be true for other image editors. Converting to B&W is described differently in each image editor.

What you should do is carefully examine the help files for your image editor. Identify the function that converts to B&W with you in full control over the process. This function gives you a range of controls to undertake the conversion.

If you want to have control avoid the ‘default’ converter function. The default is the one that is somone elses idea of a conversion to B&W. The default option will probably just produce a final picture (without any sliders or controls).

Ray has done a great breakdown of the right way to convert in Photoshop. This is presumably simular to the way it works in Elements too.  Check out his work in the forum… Convert to B&W

Thanks for your help Ray.


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