Cookham Gravity Grand Prix

This is just to notify members of an event taking place at Cookham Dean on Sunday 9th September starting at 1.30pm. The Gravity Grand Prix is a Charity event which consists of a time trial by a number of unpowered carts being run downhill from The Jolly Farmer pub to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. These carts vary from proper race-tuned vehicles to others more like carnival floats. (Remember the old cartoon ‘Wacky Races’?). Prizes are awarded for the best presented vehicle, fastest down the course, etc. There are normally up to 30 entries.

The event is both great for photography and for a fun-filled family afternoon; both pubs normally have BBQs going in the gardens and also live music into the evening. Although the event starts at 1.30pm it is probably best to get there early as the road is shut to permit racing and parking can be difficult. It is also nice to get shots of the contestants putting their costumes on or sticking their vehicles together with gaffer tape! (They don’t call the tight bend ‘Widowmaker’s Curve’ for nothing…)


For further directions just google Cookham Gravity Grand Prix or drop me an e-mail. Hope to see some of you there.



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