Critique Evening

Steve Galvin is to be applauded for organising and running a really good evening at the club. It started with a short presentation by Steve, reminding us what photography is all about and what constitutes a good image. Then one at a time, images that members had submitted, were shown, and the audience invited to make comments and observations on how the images could be improved, there wasn’t always total agreement, then photography is subjective. The authors were invited to respond and give a little background as to what inspired the shot. I put a few of my own in hoping to have the flaws pointed out, and with a bit of luck, hear suggestions on how they could be corrected.

I think we should do it again sometime. My thanks to Steve.



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  1. I thought last night’s presentation by Steve was very good indeed, and I hope he will give another. His opening, which included listing the ingredients that go into the making of a good image, was very instructive. He made reference to these elements throughout the evening, demonstrating where their inclusion, partial usage, or absence, added or detracted to the shot. Steve also gave encouragement for us all to give our opinions on the images. I realised that by finding my voice to join in made me examine the subject matter and composition in greater detail, and has given me a bit more confidence. Altogether it was an anjoyable and beneficial evening. Thanks Steve.

    Mary Ellis

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