Curiosities of The Cotswolds

I thought tonights evening was a success, i thouroughly enjoyed looking at curiosities within the Cotswolds, the type of photography i enjoy where you push the boundries of what is a “good” photo and come up with some spectacular photos, i loved the history behind everything, and in particular the goat’s house that man made with the badger stained glass window, the architecture was very organic and with that and the carvings it reminded me of Gaudi’s arcitecture which anyone who has been to Barcelona will have seen!

Hope to see you next week, feel free to bring a photo for me to help you to prepare to enter a competition.



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday’s Cotswold Curiosities. The mixture of photography and history was informative and entertaining, and I learnt a lot about what to look for and how to frame a shot. It went too quickly! I know quite a few of the places but didn’t know the intricacies, so I am full of enthusiasm to revisit. I hope the speaker will be invited back.

    Mary Ellis

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