Damon’s practical evening

As usual, Damon gave us a superb evening, assisted by his team. This time his principal sidekicks were Andy Kirby (who brought along a huge lightbox as well as his valuable help), and Pat Begley (who provided backdrops, a skull, crystal ball(!) and advice).

About 20 members took part, most contributing a variety of interesting objects to use as subject matter.

In the first half Damon talked about depth of field, and demonstrated how to achieve shallow depths of field according to what lenses we were using. Old carpets, however worn and dirty, make excellent backdrops!

In the second half Damon advised us on how to make our cameras do what we wanted to do. I listened, put my camera on manual, and followed instructions, but I hadn’t listened carefully enough. After blaming my camera for not getting the results I expected, Angela had a quiet word with me and at last I was thrilled to achieve the desired outcome… Angela, keep chiding me!

It was a brilliant evening, and there was a quiet murmur of happy concentration emanating around the Hall. Teabreak came, and it was sometime before Tony and I were able to attract business, then it was quickly back to the work in hand.

Thanks to all the members present. You helped to make this evening really enjoyable. Thank you Andy and Pat. But the biggest thanks of all go to Damon. You’ve done it again: masterminding, co-ordinating, and teaching with such skill for the benefit and pleasure of all present.



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