Details for the Portfolio Competition 28th January 2014

The portfolio Competition is being judged by Terry Coffey.  Please read carefully, as they are slightly different from other years.

You may enter two sets of three images (one set of three prints and one set of three PDI’s) for the Portfolio Competition.

Each image must have a Title and an overall Title for the Portfolio.

There will be marks out of twenty for each individual image plus a further mark out of 20 for the Portfolio itself.  Total 80 points.

If you have exceptional images you could score a total of 160 points, if you entered Prints and PDI’s!

As it is an Open Competition the subject for the PDI portfolio need not be the same as for the prints.

Prints may be mounted separately with each individual print being of up to the 50x40cm/2000cm2 rule.  However, Dick will also accept Triptychs with all three images of the portfolio fitting on a 50x40cm/2000cm2 mount if you think that this best displays your work.

The PDI should consist of three separate JPEGs (Normal Size Rules).

Dick has to create a file for each entrant in the new software we are using this year.
Inside this file your three images should be numbered in sequence, followed by the Title of each image.

For example:
The Litter;Margaret Warren
01 Puppies.jpg
02 Mum Feeding.jpg
03 The Family.jpg

Please note the semicolon after the Title and before the author’s name, as above.



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