DOCTOR’S SURGERY – entries closing

Once you’ve chosen your images, which might well be different from those that score 20s in competition. Remember that if people are going to part with money for your photo it should be something they’ll want to put up on their wall and live with for quite a while.

Currently Wycombe camera club are exhibiting – so get along and take a look. They are all mounted in black frames of the same size but this is not obligatory. Any unfussy ones of any size would be suitable, but choose something which compliments your image and allow a generous mount size with appropriate proportions, it will make your print look more impressive. Ray recommends you consider getting a top quality print done – you want to sell something which will last without fading or discolouration.

Pat recommends Midland Fine Arts for frames. They are coming to Thatcham soon and it would make sense to place a bulk order. They will make plain black frames with glass and hardboard backing for about £9 if 10 or more  are ordered at the same time. They also sell mount board which can be ordered at the same time. Ray also makes bespoke frames I believe.

We can exhibit 20 prints and if you are lucky enough to make a sale – 10% goes to a charity of the doctor’s choice. Pat Begley has offered to create suitable labels with the MCC logo on them and the web address.

As for pricing, again look at the website for Ray’s comments. While it is hard to put a price on an image don’t be tempted to price it too low and the buyer won’t ‘value’ your image or think of it as art. In setting the price you should consider not just the cost of producing, mounting and framing the print but also wastage before you get that print just right. Also consider that if you submit several but sell only one you’ve still shelled out for frames etc on the unsold ones. Ray advises it’s always easier to discount an image if it sticks than up its price later.

Entries are closing monday so have a trawl through your back images and let me  Margaret or Angela know asap.




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  1. This article may be of interest.

    When I was on the Isle of Skye I sold 2 prints of the same image to 2 Americans who had arrived on the day that I took the photo.

    Americans do seem to view landscape photography differently to the British.

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