Editing Evening

A big thank you to Steven Galvin for the first of three evenings on editing images. This evening we were shown how to improve our images, using editing tools and demonstrating them on a step-by-step basis. We learnt about Layers and why we use them, Levels and Curves, showing the differences between them, Selecting and how to use the Lasso tool, Hue and Saturation and Sharpening.

The second half of the evening gave members a chance to practice the techniques shown before the break. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and I am sure members were able to take something new away from the session. We look forward to the other two evenings when Steven will be covering more and interesting concepts, using tools already used, to build upon.

A good evening and very sociable. Hopefully our new members are also enjoying the meetings.



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  1. A big thank you to Steven. I enjoyed every minute and learnt so much. Really enjoyed talking to members members and seeing diferent programs. looking forward to the next to editing evenings!

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