Evening with the Art Club at Methodist Church Hall, Tues 9 April

We are hosting an Evening with the Art Club on Tuesday 9th April

These are the details, so that you will have plenty of time to prepare.

Each Club enters either prints or artwork (prints in our case) on the following six themes:

Montage/collage                                      The colour blue

Monochrome                                            Flowers

Machinery                                                 Pets


Entry requirements

Prints should be A4 size and above

They should be mounted but not necessarily to competition standards so they don’t require a border or cut-out mount, just a piece of card to back them (blu- tac is an acceptable adhesive) so they can be handled.

You can enter any prints you like as long as they fit into one of the categories, so have a fish around in your archives, or get snapping for the specific purpose. You can use prints already submitted in competitions.

You may enter all the categories, but only one print for each.

All entries must have a title and the author’s name on the back.

Bring along on the evening.

Each print/picture will be discussed, and the author may either speak about their work, or delegate the task to someone to do so on their behalf. Write a few notes and I will read out.




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