Fed Up Of Checking The Clubs Blog/Website For Updates?

The clubs website has always had a RSS Feed.

Quite simply what this means is that your computer (software) can check to see if our blog has been updated, it just has to be set up.

As usual the system is different on Window’s and Mac.

On Window’s this can be done through your mail program – I will post this later as I am on a Mac at this time.

Apple have removed the ability to use the mail program, but there are Apps that can be downloaded, I downloaded FEEDS.

When run it gives the option to have notifications appear on the screen. Then add a feed, it will give a choice of types, choose RSS/Atom and then enter www.marlowcc.org in the feed URL box. This will detect the Clubs Blog Feed and Comments Feed.

Once it has checked the feed there will be a list available.

Screen Shot of RSS Feed

Screen Shot of RSS Feed

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