First Evening Back

I think the first night back went well.

There was a good mix of things, and hopefully people found the short
practical to be of use.

Also it was nice to see some new faces.



First Evening Back — 2 Comments

  1. Apologies for not being there last night,

    from what i have heard last night was a success, new people seemed to find the evening welcoming. If you where there as a new person on the night feel free to comment and give us your opinions, it will only help for the future!

    I am off to France tomorrow, so will see you all in the beginning of October!


  2. I thought the first evening back was nice. For instance I liked the practical part of the evening.

    However I also like the format of previous years where various members showed a few of the photos they’d taken over the Summer.

    Next year can we show off some of our photos?



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