Five Clubs Competition

The Five Clubs Competition is currently held jointly between Maidenhead, Marlow, Stoke Poges, Woodley and Wycombe clubs.

The clubs rotate hosting the competition each year, usually in the second half of the season:

2006-7 SPPC    29/3/07
2007-8 Wycombe 17/3/08
2008-9 Marlow 10/3/09
2009-10 Woodley 15/3/10
1010-11 Maidenhead 22/3/11
2011-12 SPPC 6/3/12
2012-13 Wycombe 28/3/13
2013-14 Marlow 15/4/14
2014-15 Woodley 16/3/15
2015-16 Maidenhead 22/3/16
2016-17 SPPC 28/2/17

2017-18 Wycombe

2018-19 Marlow

2019-20 Woodley

2020-21 Maidenhead

If one of the clubs is unable to participate, then it may be replaced in the rotation.

Each club submits 10 digital images to the hosting club, with a maximum of three from any author. The hosting club can specify size and naming requirements. Other rules are as-per the CACC Rosebowl Competition.

Thanks to Jan Harris, Chris Lloyd, Chas Hockin for assisting in collating this information.