Flash techniques and macros!

I thought last nights meeting was a really dynamic session.

For this months ‘Clinic’ (at 7.30pm) I gave a short presentation “Working with Macro Lenses and Shots” to start the evening. The aim was to introduce people to the basic elements of macro. At least twenty members gathered for the session, not all were new members or novices. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps we will get a few more people getting into macro work. If you put the term ‘macro tubes’ into the Amazon box (left-side of this page) you can see the macro tubes I passed around last night. They are an excellent and cheap way to get started in this form of photography.

Please email me if you want a copy of the basic handout about macro work that I handed out last night. Also feel free to contact me if I can help you with a macro question.

At 8pm Quoc-Huy Ngugen Dinh gave his “Off Camera Flash Techniques” presentation. Members were captivated. In the first session Quoc-Huy provided some technical and theoretical background to off-camera flash. Useful and important stuff to understand. Lots of interesting facts came out in the slides he showed.

After the break we had a very informative practical session. I was most impressed with the tips related to lining up the lights and checking the shadows. Good solid advice for working with flash. Also Interesting and useful were his comments about ‘cooking’ the settings. I have long been saying the best results are obtained using manual settings. He showed us how he ‘cooks’ the settings until he gets the right light and does it using chimping! Great stuff and worthy of note for all of us… Check out the term ‘chimping’….

Thanks to Quoc-Huy for an interesting, dynamic and informative evening. The resounding and lengthy applause at the end of the evening showed everyone enjoyed it.

By Damon Guy
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Flash techniques and macros! — 4 Comments

  1. I came in at the end of Damon’s session on Macro, and I’m sorry I missed it. I did some macro work (or rather I experimented) last Sunday with varying results, so this session would have been perfect.

    Quoc-Huy’s presentation on off-camera flash was an eye-opener. My appetite had already been wetted by a comment Damon made on one of my photos on the 365 Project, and now I know how I can achieve a good result (easier said than done, I suspect!).

    The first half of the presentation took us through the basics, and I could have done with a handout on this. However, the revelation came in the second half where real-time demonstrations were given so one could see first hand the effects of the lighting, placement of flash sources, how to deal with shadows, softening effects, reduced harshness of light, bouncing, and chimping. The evening was not only informative, but fun.

    Mary Ellis

  2. Mary’s picture Staircase to heaven? was a case in point for the off-camera flash. A strategically placed flash with remote trigger would have wonderfully illuminated the boy and given a whole new character to the shot. The flash would have been well placed on the left-hand side of the alleyway at an appropriate height to match the background shadows. Alternately, the flash placed on the ground at low power could have been used as fill-light to illuminate the boy with minimum shadow.

    Nice point Mary. Thanks.

  3. Yes, that one. And also Old Melds with Modern. The ceiling at Missenden Abbey desperately needs some illumination to bring out the lovely detail of the. Damon, you and Quoc-Huy have opened my eyes wider than I could have imagined!

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