Getting it right… Feedback.

We all come to the club because it is nice to talk with like minded people. It is also good for us to hear others comment on our shots. In fact one of the ways we improve our technique and composition is through competitions and comments. It is on these occasions that we get positive feedback on the quality and value of our work.

On Tuesday the 29th of March Steven Galvin is running our “Members’ Critiques Evening”. The idea is for us to make friendly comments among ourselves about each others photographs. This is intended to be a positive experience. During the evening Steven will act as our guide and try to bring out the best in our photography and help identify the elements of our work that will improve the shot. Comments we could make might cover technique, composition, colour balance, focus, sharpness or not, artistic merit, equipment, editing… I could go on and on.

Steven needs the photos by Midnight on Wed. 23rd of March to give him time to go over the submissions. You do not have to have any particular reason to put a photo in for this event except you would like feedback. It is all about understanding your work better in the context of your own photos and those that others make.

Please do submit something. In the past these members evenings have always been fun and successful because of the contributions that the members themselves make. We all learn something.

Have fun with your camera,


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