Heavens above!

Following on from Ray Reeder’s Shooting Stars evening on the 29th, five of us met up last night (4 Feb) with Ray at Chisbridge for a real-life session. It was cold; it was windy; it was magnificent!

We had difficulty keeping our tripods steady, and I had a lot trouble getting to grips with my new camera in the dark. But help was available, and I succeeded in shooting some stars! Not very good images, but I am thrilled with them.

Ray was brilliant. I don’t think he used his camera at all, as he was too busy sorting out the likes of Margaret and myself. He also pointed out the various stars, planets, and constellations which made a great impact on me seeing them in the flesh rather that in a photo or on a map.

Alan W used his phone ap (is that the right terminology?) to show the various constellations in different parts of the sky. Again, this was very good to compare what was on the screen with reality spread out above.

Nigel gave me advice with settings, and Niki and Margaret made suggestions – mostly of the helpful kind…

The wind speed meant that cloud would often blot out the view just as we had lined up our shots, but not for long, and when it cleared the scene above was breathtaking.

Eventually the cold got the better of the weaklings, and Margaret, Niki and I made our ways home, blowing on numbed finger tips, and looking forward to a hot drink and heat! It was worth the suffering though.

Chisbridge is a good place to go as the light pollution isn’t restrictive. It is high up with no trees or other obstructions – just the night sky in all its glory.

Lets have another real-life session soon!


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