Help and updates – NOT TO BE PUBLISHED

This is to help whoever may be running the website

Had problems with PHP on the newsletters page. I couldn’t get rid of the Exec-PHP warning and the php was displaying as text.
The problem was in the Settings>writing let wordpress correct improper xhtml – leave it off.

Images On Flickr Page error in slickr plugin – Line 77 some text removed – appears okay now.

Added members galleries page and links categories to add members galleries to the website.
Installed the Slickr-Flickr plugin and created Images on Flickr page.
Wanguard plugin installed to prevent spam registrations

Widget Logic plug in replaced with Widget Logic Visual.

Switched to WordPress – there are things that still need doing, but see if anyone notices.

Deleted interesting links plug in
loaded wp render blogroll links

Added links for current links on links page, and added to new page (Links)
Also added program code to programme and competitions page, need to sort out colour for outside speaker.

Installed exec php – My calendar does not allow old/past events (for programme page) needs some messing around to add the results, so added php from original pages.

need to add css to the wordpress section for categories.

Home page (within wordpress) updated to include slideshow of members images, and next 7 events from My Calendar.

My Calendar installed and Categories created for events – Programme page created with list of events for 12 months. Javascript disabled for complete view. Formated for category tirle to be color of category.

Interesting links plugin added – to categorise links and list, also to provide widget for members websites.

Bunny’s print Css plugin added to enable printing without all the rubbish – needs altering