Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh – Off camera flash techniques

I neglected to mention this website http://www.qhphotography.com/ ] after the wonderful session with Quoc-Huy NGUYEN DINH [see: Flash techniques and macros! Nov 02 2011]. It was a great evening and Quoc-Huy was effusive, enthusiastic, skilled and fun. He really knew his stuff and I think it is fair to say everyone learned a lot from the session.

Quoc-Huy is a London-based portrait and events photographer. His work uses light to an exceptionally controlled degree. On the evening he provided us with a theoretical and practical insight as well as sharing his tips and tricks with us. He introduced many members to the concept of “Chimping”.

Yesterday I discovered his blog and website where he covers this sort of work, and includes his tips and tricks. It is really worth visiting. If you want to get more information about the things he did in our session then see this site.

He has also developed an interesting website dedicated to the online drawing of lighting diagrams. At no cost you can design a studio set up for portraits and export it in JPEG to use in a projector. It’s worth visiting just for a good play around. See: lightingdiagrams.com.

Also he has produced a great resource for PhotoShop and Elements users. You can download a .psd file for free (for either program) at http://www.lightingdiagrams.com/Downloads. In the file you will find a whole host of objects containing the equipment from the online system at lightingdiagrams.com. You can use them like you would any other pictures to produce lighting diagrams.

A useful and interesting place to visit.

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