Image of the Month In-House Competition

In-house photo of the month trial

Members are invited to submit a recent image that they are particularly pleased with each month during the season. It can be funny, abstract, anything you like. These will be judged by Committee Members according to consensus on the  most pleasing/entertaining images. It will be a level playing field, i.e. novice to advanced treated alike, and it will not be judged according to competition criteria, so everyone gets a fair crack. First, second, and third places will be awarded a certificate/mounted photo, and the winners will be published in the Newsletter and also on the Club Noticeboard. If space permits, the images may also be included.

All images entered in this competition will still be eligible for entry into the usual Club competitions.

All entries to be sent to (or received by) Mary (e-mail address on the Members’ List, and on the Club Noticeboard) by the 1st of each month during the season.

Members may submit a print if they don’t wish to use e-mail.

Images must be sent as jpeg.

One entry per Member per month. No resubmissions.

I will hold the jpeg images for the season, then I will delete them.


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