Images for the top of Our Website

You may have noticed that I have added an image to the top of the website.

This is an experiment, but as a camera club we should be about images.

The one there at the moment is one of mine to show how it may look like.

The only criteria are that the image is the same proportions as the header which is approx. 900 pixels wide and 188 pixels high.

The logo on the right of the page will need to be added (which I will do) and the copyright notice will be added with your name.

I think we should keep it to images of Marlow but will gladly take any suggestions.
If you are interested please leave a comment below.


Images for the top of Our Website — 4 Comments

  1. Ray, You are to be congratulated. I think is is a VERY good idea indeed. I have several letterbox images of Marlow I am happy to provide.

    How is this going to work? A rotation of Members’ images, such as a different one each month? Maybe this could take the place of the Image of the Month comp?

    Do we e-mail our correctly-sized images to you?


  2. Thanks Mary.

    The image can be set to auto rotate, as the image does on the homepage.

    Or we can choose one per month, but I would be in favour of the auto-rotate, as it would be less work.

    Yes just email them to me.

    On another note, I’m not sure why your comment wasn’t approved automatically. I will look into it.


  3. Ray,
    I think this is a great idea. You are spot on when you say we should be about images. I don’t currently have any suitable images for this header but will aim to get some for the next season. Carol

  4. Thanks, for those interested in sending any images they need to be sent to be at 1800 by 376 pixels, and I will add the copyright and logo then reduce the size to fit the header.

    This is to keep the images at there best.


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