I found this to be a very entertaining evening, and I learnt a lot more about how editing software can be used effectively to produce really inspiring and/or moody images. Using the green screen is an element  I still have to contend with, but as it is something I hadn’t come across before, it is another thing to suss out. I now know of its benefits.

Alan Colgrave was an influential speaker. His background as a BBC cameraman involved in the moving picture made his discourse about ‘stills’ even more  thought-provoking. He was at ease talking about his models, actors, what fired his enthusiasm,  his adventures overseas – and his spur-of-the-moment trips to the other side of the world when he saw a good deal going! Alan demonstrated through his prints how he had constructed some of his final images. He told us about the thinking behind them, and what originally caught his eye. By the end of the evening,  Alan had convinced me that editing software has a justified place in photography to capture that elusive image that may never present itself in reality, but which we all lust after. It is the modern-day equivalent of darkroom jiggery-pokery.

What do other MCC members think?


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