Ist Evenings of the Month

I see that Damon has asked for some feed back from the session we did before the meeting, so I thought I would open a blog.
What would people be interested in next month, is the session useful.
With Christmas coming up, would anyone be interested in creating cards in Photoshop?


Ist Evenings of the Month — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, I definitely would like to learn how to do cards.  I always get in a muddle about trying to place the photo in the correct canvas space.  I end up having to cut the paper in the end!
    So, if a session is available would love to learn more.

    The last session, for me, seemed a bit casual.  In my opinion, if it is worth anything, I think it could be more structured.  We could have a topic/s that people might like covered and then we could have questions prepared on that topic.  Several of us couldn’t think of a question because there is such a wide spectrum to cover.

    Others probably have different opinions on how the session should run.  More feedback needed.


  2. Margaret. I think the idea at present is to provide a forum for less experienced members to have access to advanced members for help with their equipment or how to achieve specific effects. For it to become more structured would require advanced members to spend time in preparation and also for someone to take the initiative to organise it. I suggest we see how the next couple of sessions go. Nick

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