Joe Green

It was with great sadness that I learnt yesterday of the death of our President, Joe Green.

He was a founder member of our Club, and was very much liked and admired for his warmth, excellent photography skills, and knowledge.

Although frail, he continued to come along to the Club when he could, and his last visit was in May last year when he presented the prizes at the AGM.

He will be greatly missed.


Mary Ellis


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  1. I am very sad to learn of Joe’s death. In our journey through life we are priviledged to meet a handful of people who influence your path through life; Joe was one of them! Not only did I learn a lot about pictures and photography from Joe but he taught me the importance of dignity and the value of humour. Joe invented the twinkle in the eye. I’m pleased to record that whilst he was a a camera club aolleague both my wife and daughter Natacha will mourn his passing as much as myself. The best tribute I can make is to continue to use the phrase….Joe Green lighting, which I do frequently. The famous Marlow Bridge shot sums up what that phrase means. That shot still hangs on the wall of my stepmothers house and acts as a constant reminder of Joe’s tallent.

    Long standing business committments may prevent me from attending the memorial service but I will be there in spirit if not in body.

    All my love.

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