Joe Green’s Exhibition

Joe’s Exhibition took place on Saturday at All Saints Church Hall in the Causeway. About 60+ of his photos were on display on our usual boards, plus some boards the Town Council lent us. Apart from the individual images, the highlights were the wonderful panoramas Joe created of Marlow – shops, houses, you name it it was there. Also on display were two of Joe’s cameras and his cap, and a fantastic montage he created for John and Georgina Thornton’s Golden wedding.

People started coming in to the Hall at 10.20 am, 40 minutes before the official opening time, and a steady stream continued until around lunchtime, when there was a lull. We speculated that the afternoon would bring fewer visitors, but if anything there were more!

Chris Green, Joe’s widow, and two of his daughters (Claire and Jacky) and their families were there, and spent most of the day. Chris said she was ‘staying until the bitter end’ – and she did!

Lots of Joe’s colleagues from Grassland Research came along, as well as previous camera club members, friends, and people he met around Marlow when he exercised his ‘Licence to Ramble’ (courtesy of his wife, Chris)! The Hall was alive with chatter and laughter – even a children’s party in the afternoon couldn’t compete. We eventually closed well after the scheduled time.

The event was a phenomenal success, with well over three hundred people passing through the doors. A very big round of applause is owed to Georgina for organising this, and also to the committee who made it possible.


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