LANDSCAPE – some definitions

Niki’s post prompted me to do a bit of internet searching, and I have come up with the following.

‘A section or expanse of rural scenery, usually extensive, that can be seen from a single viewpoint.’

‘A picture representing natural inland or coastal scenery.’

‘Areas of land, which can contain water bodies, human elements (including land use – farming), buildings and structures, and which may also include urban and industrial settings.’

A further definition seemed more precise: A scene largely composed of land but which may also include rivers, lakes, and coastal elements, buildings and animals, and figures (if not dominant.

I interpret this to mean that as long as ‘land’ is a predominant feature you can include sea, rivers, lakes, coves, harbours, beaches – what you will.

When I started on this exploration I thought I might nail the requirements, but now I’ve reached the end I’m not so sure. Are you any the wiser?

Take a look at the work of some famous landscape photographers: Ansel Adams; Galen Rowell, Edward Weston, Ben Heine, Mark Gray, and Pat Begley.




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