Last night’s Large Still Life extravaganza certainly went with a swing, and there was a real air of enjoyment circulating all evening. A goodly collection of props emerged and Members soon had their cameras and tripods at the ready. Members also offered their modelling services: brightly-coloured hats were obligingly shown off by Pippa and Margaret (the latter also gave an impromptu juggling display); Linden posed beautifully in toga and laurel-wreath headdress, assisted sometimes by a handsome teddy bear; Pippa looked svelte in a luxurious fur cape; and a suave gent sporting a check hat lounged decadently with champagne flute in hand.

Of course all this happened because of the hard work put in by Damon, who organised and presented the evening. A resoundingly large round of applause and appreciation goes to him, for enabling this evening to take place, and also for providing us with a wonderful array of equipment (including off-camera flash), letting us get our hands on some of this, and for being on hand to help out and advise.

Many other people also helped out, including Ray Reeder and John Newth. A very big thank you to them and for all the contributions of other Members.

(I also thank Nick Taylor for helping me get to grips (yet again) with my camera, and David Buttle for giving me help and advice.)




  1. Thank you, Andrew, for your response. It is very welcome. I’ve also taken a look at some of your shots, and very much enjoyed the experience. I hope we will see more of them.

  2. Yes, echo Mary’s thanks completely. Another great evening, very sociable
    and lots of help at hand. A big thank you to everyone who brought props to make the evening work.
    I’ve had a look at Andrew’s site and was quite horrified to see a photo of myself there! Like the site Andrew, I took that photo of the hares last year.

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