Last Night and Next Week

Hello All,
Last night was a competition, obviously! the usual striking photos in both categories. congratulations to all the people who got top marks, he was a tough judge, but i thought fair, his comment where constructive and made sense. I take the view that the competitions are marked out of 20 for a reason, i dont see why have it marked out of 20 if judges only use 15 to 20, it makes the marks less meaningful in a way. So if you didnt get amazing results last night, dont feel demotivated, just get on and take even more photo’s to do better next time!

Next week is another practical evening, I know Damon mentioned yesterday that it would be on portraiture, but i was talking to Steven after the session and he doesnt feel confident conducting a portriture evening so I think we have decided to make it a action evening, which will help with entries for the motion themed comp coming up! We may go for a wander and get some action shots of traffic in Marlow so wear warm coats!

Look forward to seeing you all,

have good weeks,


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