Last night’s Open Competition

Sarah Sands was last night’s Judge and she provided all of our authors with great feedback on their entries. Her comments were both generous and constructive and gave some guidance to our newer Members on how to prepare an image for a competition. With our Membership numbers at an all time high it meant that we had to restrict each author to a maximum of 2 PDI and 2 Prints. The overall quality was very high. The results can be found elsewhere on this website. The most fiercely fought category was the Novice PDI with 32 images – where both of Steve Maidwell’s images got 20. Other notable scores included Tony Ketley who got 20’s for one of his PDIs and two of his Prints. Steven Galvin scored 20 each for a PDi and a Print. Well done to all thee other authors who got maximum points.


Last night’s Open Competition — 2 Comments

  1. Yesterday’s comp was very enjoyable, as usual, and my brain ached a bit from all the new things that I learnt! I thought the standard was very high, and I can see that I have a lot of hard work to put in. One of the elements of last night’s competition that I found to be particularly agreeable was the attitude of the judge. Her comments were thoughtful, helpful, and presented in such a good-natured way that gave encouragement to all entrants. I wouldn’t mind getting ‘nil points’ from Sarah S because I know I would learn a lot from her crits!
    One of the new things I learnt was how to mount prints, and that care must be taken on the colour of the mount to be used. I also saw how effective different image shapes can be, and I liked the ‘letterbox’ format. I think I may have enough confidence to have a go with this type of entry next time.

    Mary Ellis

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