Last season’s judges

Last Season’s results are now posted with the awards. To find them head to “Competition Results this season” under the “Competitions” menu on the website.

I was just looking at the competition results sheet and decided to see what (if anything) it said about the judges we’ve had this season.

If you look at the spread (Standard Deviation) of marks, Alan Colegrave awarded the narrowest spread where as Barbara Lyddiatt gave the widest spread of marks.

Easiest to please was Mary Ward who judged the “Household Objects” competition who, on average was just a touch more generous with her marks than Micki Aston who gave out the most 20’s.

The toughest judge to please was Chris Palmer who judged the Annual PDI competition. He gave out a fair number of 14’s which lowered the average mark.

The lowest mark of the season was a ’12’ awarded by Chris Sargeant in the portfolio competition. Although Micki gave out the most 20’s she also gave out one of two ’13’s with the other ’13’ awarded by Barbara Lyddiatt.

All three lowest marks were in the advanced group – showing it gets tougher up there.

I have sympathy for an individual from another local club who, I am told, had his image initially marked as a 12 – disappointing enough – but after seeing another image later on the judge insisted on going back and re-marking the original image down to 10!

Judges, eh? ;-)

Andy  K



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